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How Kennesaw State University partnered with Knack to virtualize and scale peer tutoring – and career readiness support.

How do you recruit tutors  in a pandemic?

Like many campuses across the country, the Coles College of Business at Kennesaw State University experienced challenges recruiting and engaging tutors, making it difficult to provide the level of academic support their students needed. In September 2021, they launched their first Knack program. 

Impact preview: 

  • 323 sessions completed in the first semester.
  • 600 users signed up. 
  • 100% satisfaction rating amongst students!

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Tutor testimonial

Case study timeline

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“Prior to the pandemic, we noticed a decline in the number of students attending our tutoring center, or even serving as a tutor. Knack provided a solution for us that helped us provide more accessibility to our changing student body and allowed us to hire more tutors due to the flexibility in employment it offered these students as well. We like how our student tutors gain valuable work experiences and skills, which are valuable for future employment.”

Robin Cheramie, Dean of the College of Business at The University of Akron

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