university-of-floridaHow the University of Florida increased access to tutoring and professional development for students

In partnership with Knack, the University of Florida scaled peer tutoring to include 30,000+ student contact hours with 660+ unique courses coveredall without adding administrative hires or overhead expenses. 

University of Florida results >> 

  • 30,000+ total hours of peer tutoring delivered from Summer 2020 through Fall 2021
  • 64.5% of students had previously never used campus tutoring prior to Knack
  • 54% of sessions happened outside of traditional work hours (M-F, 9am-5pm)
  • 95.2% of sessions occurred in a 1-on-1 setting
  • 390+ flexible peer tutoring jobs created
  • 70% of UF peer tutors relied on Knack as their sole source of income

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Why Knack?

Personalized academic support at scale

With peer tutors now available in 550+ unique courses, UF leveraged Knack's customized back-end targeting capabilities to deliver a personalized tutoring experience tailored to the needs of each individual student.

Flexible student employment

During a time in which many students were furloughed or had lost internships, UF was able to offer high-impact employment opportunities to their highly-qualified and highly-motivated students interested in serving as peer tutors.

Reduced overhead expenses

Knack enabled UF to scale a vetted peer tutor network without incurring the costs traditionally associated with hiring and managing tutors. With peer tutors only being paid after each completed session (as 1099 contractors via Knack), UF had complete control of their tutoring spend.

Knack quote

We are confident that the application of the platforms like Knack during this phase of remote teaching and learning will point a compass towards shaping our efforts in supporting our students once they are fully back on campus. In the short term, the Knack interface will bridge gaps that our remote students are experiencing in terms of academic support, engagement with faculty, and connection to their peers."

Angela LindnerDr. Angela Lindner Associate Provost for Undergraduate Affairs, University of Florida


The Tutor Impact

The impact being a tutor on the Knack platform extends far beyond their undergraduate career. Former tutor Targol Tarahomi shared with Knack on how her experience impacted her both on campus and in her post-graduate career as she pursued her medical school at Nova Southeastern University.

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